At IJEM Ian’s competition Porche Boxster was built over a 2 year period from a bare shell. The bodyshell required little alteration but was fitted with a comprehensive rollcage that Ian designed and fabricated himself.

The car was originally fitted with a 3.4 litre Porsche 996 engine fitted with IJEM’s own 6 throttle body injection system and Dta ECU, however this has since been replaced recently by a 3.8 997 engine which was rebuilt by Strasse in Leeds. The engine uses a Dta S80 pro ECU which operates the variable valve timing and variable valve lift of the standard engine. A lightweight flywheel and twin plate clutch are also fitted. The car uses a standard gearbox but is fitted with a 4-1final drive and a Kaas LSD.

The suspension on the car uses a standard Boxster geometry, however this is all fabricated in steel which gives the durability required for rallying. The fabricated steel parts actually weigh less than the original aluminium components. Proflex have designed and supplied adjustable damper units for the car which incorporate roller sliders and give an extra 50mm of suspension travel.

The bodyshell and all the standard Porsche parts were supplied by Prestige salvage of Leeds and Ian is very grateful for the technical information and help that he received from Strasse Porsche specialists in Leeds.