Chevette - Build/Parts


At Ian Jemison Engineering Ian has been involved in building and competing with Vauxhall Chevettes since 1976. During this time he has built a large number of Chevettes to group 4 and group B specification following closely to the original cars, but improving parts where ever possible. Several of the cars that Ian has built recently are being used for the historic rally championship.

Although all the cars used for historic events have been fitted with the HS twin cam engine we have also built cars with the 3.0 litre Vauxhall Omega v6 engine and more recently completed a wide bodied HSR with a 2.3 litre Ford Duratec engine.



The cars that Ian builds are always fitted with either a bolt in or welded in rollcage that is designed and manufactured in house as a MSA approved rollcage manufacturer.

The rear of the cars would always be fitted with a 5 link axle location using the original Blydenstein drawings for the suspension geometry. The front suspension is moved forward as per the original HSR long wheel base body shells to improve the balance of the car and improve wheel clearance. Rear wheel tubs are replaced to accommodate wheels up to 8×18″. The rear turrets are replaced to allow the use of coil over shock absorbers if required, which were a homologated option for the HSR. The transmission tunnel is replaced to allow room for the propshaft and exhaust system. Both Salisbury and atlas axles are homologated for the car and IJEM can manufacture the axle to the customer’s requirements. The axles are normally supplied with thick tubes and fully floating hub.

New Chevette Parts (Please call for prices).

  • HSR Bodykit Less bonnet and tailgate.
  • HSR Fibreglass Front Wing
  • HSR Fibreglass Rear Wing
  • HSR Fibreglass Front Spoiler
  • HSR Fibreglass Sill
  • HSR Fibreglass Rear Bumper
  • HSR Fibreglass Bonnet
  • HSR Fibreglass Tailgate
  • HSR Fibreglass fuel filler moulding
  • Alloy front hub 4.25” pcd to suit AP disc and bell
  • Standard Chevette hubs modified to 4.25”PCD Exchange (Pair)
  • Front indicator & sidelight set
  • Works Type Dash Panel
  • Brake Pedal Box Hydraulic Clutch inc. Cylinders
  • Brake Pedal Box Cable Clutch inc. Cylinders
  • Throttle Pedal
  • Brake Bias Dash Adjuster
  • Brake Master Cylinders
  • 700lb Front Springs Pair
  • 500lb Front Springs Pair
  • 350lb Rear Springs Pair
  • 250lb Rear Springs Pair
  • Front Bilsteins each
  • Rear Bilsteins each
  • High Ratio Steering Rack kit
  • 5 Link Boxes & Cross Member
  • Rear Turrets Pair
  • Transmission & Exhaust Tunnel
  • Long Wheel Base Front Turrets Pair
  • 5 Axle Bracket Kit
  • Rose Jointed Top Links
  • Rose Jointed Panhard Rod
  • Rose Jointed Rear Lower Arms
  • Front Wishbone Rose Joint Kit
  • Front Wishbone Ball Joint Bush
  • Multi-point Weld in Roll Cage supplied only
  • Multi-point Bolt in or weld in Roll Cage supplied and fitted

At IJEM we have been building Chevette rally cars and supplying parts for customers cars since 1976 and are still building Chevette bodyshells identical to or better than the works cars to group 4 or group B spec please phone to discuss your requirements. Various used parts also available.

Ben completes his first rally car build