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Who We Are

Established in 1977 Ian Jemison Motorsport (IJEM) is a family owned specialist in motorsport engineering and repairs. Located in York with a wealth of experience in all aspects of motorsport engineering we support customers locally, nationally and internationally. From repairs and modifications to complete manufacture of hard to come by parts at IJE we really do provide a personal and complete service.

At IJEM, father and son Ian and Ben Jemison, who each drive their own cars competitively on numerous forest and tarmac rallies are equipped with credentials to deliver a superb service.

Ian started his rallying career in 1977 as a co-driver in the first Chevette that he built for the late ‘Piggy’ Thompson. He then went on to become a driver in his own very first rally car, a Ford Escort Mk2.  Always eager to build something different, Ian went on to build a mid-engined Vauxhall Nova fitted with one of the first 2.0 litre red top engines to be used in competition. The in 2003 Ian committed to building a Porche Boxster from a bare shell. The bodyshell required little alteration but was fitted with a comprehensive rollcage that Ian designed and fabricated himself. Ian’s Porche Boxster was first driven in 2005 and with the odd modification here and there since he continue to compete with the car today..

Ben was introduced to the family business as a willing young apprentice/rally driver (almost as soon as he could walk!) aged 14 years. Since his early days of throwing ta modified red mini around the North Yorks forests given to him by Ian and mother Alison Ben has gone on to become a first class engineer in his own right supportinmg Ian in the business, taking on almost complete responsibility for the allow wheel repair and refurbishment business and sin 2018 successfully completed the build of his ‘second’ rally car a Vauxhall Chevette in 2018


About Us

At IJEM Ian and Ben are passionate about all things motorsport. We take a very personal approach to all of our processes including customers services. From wheel repairs, modifications and refurbishment to, motorsport component repair, design and manufacture we really do provide complete support locally, nationally and internationally to both individuals and motorsport teams.


Our Work

At IJE Motorsport we’re not simply a team of repairers and manufacturers of motorsport wheels and components, we really are very much more.

From any type of repair or modification for competition cars to complete niche builds of Vauxhall Chevette’s competition cars (one of Ian’s very first passions) we can turn expertise to providing a solution.


Reliable Repairs

At IJE Motorsport no job is too large or too small. With knowledge, expertise and experience to repair, modify and manufacture just about any motor cast component we have become the motorsport engineering supplier to many.


Race Preparation

Race and Rally car preparation is an essential process that needs to be undertaken in detail if you want to ensure your motorsport is satisfying. Without the right preparation, reliability will suffer which will hamper any chance of success, whether that's an outright win, a class win or just a finish, lack of preparation will find you fast wishing you hadn't started!  At IJEM we provide complete race preparation services from assessment and set up ups for suspension and breaking to engine tunes we provide class leading support.


Specialist Rally Support

At IJEM we provide specialist rally preparation services. With over 40 years of professional preparation and event support expertise we enable rally enthusiast’s and classic car aficionados to enjoy the excitement and romance at all kinds of events, knowing that their vehicles are painstakingly prepared and supported to ensure every chance of success – and maximum enjoyment of the entire experience.

At IJEM we concentrate on ensuring that the competition cars we support are prepared with the kind of attention to detail that can only come from enthusiasts with the engineering skills to build vehicles designed for success. At IJEM we go beyond beyond just the rally car preparation in some instances helping driver and navigator with advice and support to get ready for their next event. We offer a complete rally preparation package.

Working with IJE Motorsport gives you piece of mind – its like having a member of the team sitting alongside you


After Race Wheel Repairs

At IJEM we provide a comprehensive after race wheel repair service. Wheels are inspected, assessed and customers consulted prior to any work required. Wheels can be delivered directly by local customers or via courier from those nationally or international located. 

All our repairs are completed to the highest standards and are carried out using the very latest equipment and techniques.

The most common repairs we provide:

  • Buckled and Dented Wheels
  • Cracked Wheels
  • Chunks out of Wheels
  • Magnesium welding
  • Aluminium welding

Vauxhall Chevette

At IJEM our speciality build and conversion of competition of Vauxhall Chevette cars is class leading. We have created some stunning race cars over the years. For more information on our Vauxhall Chevette build and parts service click here.

Hello Ian, I just wanted to say thank you for getting my wheel bang on for me. The car is back to looking its perfect self again! I am sure I will have some more mag wheels coming up in the future for you to work your magic!


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